Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Two Additional Posts

There will be two additional posts to this blog. Both posts will be dynamic live blogging posts where the discussions are continually expanded, added to and updated as and when this author is able to, as well as when there are new developments to the posts' discussions.

These additional posts will be included as epilogue to the book on which this blog is based.

The Two Additional Posts

1. The Fulfilled Prophecies Of These Last Days
This post discussed the fulfilled prophecies from after the last record of the Christian Holy Scriptures were record by the last surviving Apostle of GOD, the Apostle John, in the Book of Revelation.

2. Sinners Or Saints – Which
This post discussed the Elect of GOD, both the Elect and Saints, from the very first until the very last recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures. Not every single one of them will be discussed or those that are necessary to complete the full picture of the title topic of whether they are sinners or saints. Additionally to specific discussion of some individuals, there will also be general discussions on the Elect as a group whether during various specific periods or within various specific entity bodies.
Also discussed are the Elect and Saints from after the Apostolic years until today and even to until the Day of the LORD.

Previous  The Prophecies Of The Prophet Daniel And Apostle John
Next – The Fulfilled Prophecies Of These Last Days

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