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The End Of The World How It Is Going To Happen.

Many religions (i.e. belief systems holding to the existence of some supernatural or paranormal unseen spiritual entities or forces) and even other so called non religious belief systems tell of a time called the End of the World which is also referred to by some as Judgment Day (and also incorrectly referred to as The Apocalypse) . Well here is how it is all, both the End of the World/Age, and Judgement Day (both the Type and also around a thousand years later, the Actual), are going to happen. And no, it is not going to happen in the year 2012 C.E. or anywhere near that time. But nonetheless quite soon such that most people alive (at the time of this post) who are not in their old age if they do not die prematurely from whatever causes, they will be living witness to all these things unfolding in a seven to ten year period, even as the vast majority will perish in those last days.

First let me define the various scenario of an 'End of the World' situation would be so you know the context of what I am talking about.

Definitions (for an end of the world situation):

1. Where most life (i.e. the macro lifeforms) on earth is wiped out.
2. Where almost all human life on earth are wiped out.
3. Where all life on this planet ceased, earth becomes a dead, lifeless planet.
4. Where life as we know it today no longer exist replaced by a new order of life.
5. .Where this present physical earth is completely destroyed and ceases to exist as a planet.

Above are five definitions. The differences are in the perspective and also in a way the conceptual. The contexts are also slightly but significantly different. The first described a situation where the earth remains as it is in its position in the cosmos (i.e. the physical universe) but the bulk of (macro) living things are killed either through a natural or paranormal event. This deferred from the third in that the destruction is not total, with a small remnants surviving the destruction.

The second described a situation where human life in particular is affected, while other life forms may be affected too but not in that proportion. The fourth defined a situation where life (especially human life) will not be the same as it is today. And the last is a situation where our current physical earth itself no longer exists in the cosmos.

Concept (whole or complete idea, notion, complete picture, precept, underlying and main principle; the complete information or all information of any object whether real or fantasize), perspective (view, view point or vantage point, angle of observation or perception) and context (some specific scopes, topics or areas covered) are all very important in understanding any matter.

Science (if its theory is to be believed) tells us the first definition probably happened before, maybe several times in the history of this planet.

Science also tells us that sometime in the far distant future, definition number 5 will be the ultimate destiny of this planet. It tells us that definition number 5 may happen sooner than the far distant future if an extraterrestrial/celestial body of considerable mass or something similar was to collide with this planet.

We shall not concern ourselves with science in this end of the world subject as it is either too uncertain or too far into the distant future to worry us who are living today.

Since different religions have different versions of an end of the world prophecy and I really have nothing to do with any other religions except my own, I will only explain the end of the world from that perspective, which incidentally is how it is going to happen whether you believe it or not.

Firstly it happened before (definition 3) when all life on earth both on the land and in the water died (Genesis 1:2). Please read my blogs on Genesis from my book Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded*1, for a more complete explanation on this first end of the world occurrence.

But first understand that the Christian Bible dealt mainly from the time (i.e. from the context), when man made in the image of GOD was raised up or put on earth just some six thousand years ago. So we are only concern with the time period of around six thousand or so years ago until today. Events that happened before that, except for those which relate to and are relevant to this present Age of Man were not dealt with in any detail or at all by the Christian Bible.

And it happened a second time (definition 2) when almost all (macro) life on land including almost all mankind died.

The Christian Bible tells us that two such incidents happened before (not too long ago from the timeframe of planet earth) and another is unfolding right now with the climax coming very soon.


Some may say that there is no scientific evidence that the above mentioned two incidents (recorded in the Christian Holy Scriptures) ever happened. For a full discussion on the authority and reliability of the Christian Bible as a source of historical record please read the chapter ‘The Old Testament And The New Testament’ in Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded*1, extracts of which are available for a limited time at http://quah-bible101.blogspot.com/.

For this topic I will leave science out for a few reasons. One of these is the arrogance of knowledge (for a discussion of this arrogance please read ‘Sure Everyone Knows’ of the post ‘Why Create Life Through The Process Of Evoltion’ in the blog ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’).

If you were to check through the recorded history of science you would note that while scientists have provided mankind with valuable information they (many prominent men and women of science) have also made horrendous mistakes and arrogant pronouncements which scientists today laugh at. But unfortunately many of our contemporary scientists are as prone to these same arrogant pronouncements that will be laughed at by the scientists of a future time. Knowledge puff ups, every creature is affected and this author is no exception.

From the above I concluded that science (i.e. scientists) cannot be relied on for all things especially things these scientists currently have no information or evidence on. While science in its research has help mankind understand much of the physical domain (i.e. our universe) we live in, many to nearly all scientists today tend to mock, scorn and ridicule things they do not understand, have not understood or cannot understand.

Even from all the things that are understood by science today, scientists are still totally oblivious of the big picture, including the two central concepts of physical existence and what are the four main parameters of our reality. They know the laws that cause things to be and those that defined the way things behave but scientists have never bothered to answer the question, ‘why they are so.’ Who defined (put specifications in order on) how the genetic sequencing work and what are to be stored and expressed. The theory of a natural random concurrent and sequenced consecutive accidents producing life just doesn’t hold water.

As all of us are well aware, you can't go to a person who is prejudiced against you for a fair judgment, and since many to most scientists today are highly prejudiced against religion there is no way  they will be able to objectively and truthfully investigate the Holy Christian Scriptures. A complete discussion on the proofs of the Christian Holy Scriptures as well as what constitutes true objective analysis is found in the chapter The Old Testament and The New Testament (which is published in another of this authors's blog) of Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded*1.


Why is 1 + 1 equal to 2, and 2 + 2 equal to 4 and not 1 + 1 equal to 2 + 2 and also equal to 3 + 3 and so on. (Incidentally if you have been familiar with the latest supreme mega ingenious pronouncement and assertion of science in the first two decades of the 21st century C.E., that everything is actually absolutely nothing, you might want to consider for a moment here whether 1 + 1 = 2 + 2 = 3 + 3 after all, or in other words nothing has any meaning, every concept whether nothing, one thing, somethings or everything, they all have the same meaning, they are all the same thing). You might say that I am being ridiculous here. Well, yes in a way but not if you think deeply enough to realize that we do take a lot of things for granted. Imagine if a certain person never asked why things fall down, the law of gravity would not have been understood.

Now if only someone would go a bit further and ask why does gravity draw towards and not push away then and maybe then they might start to get a glimpse of the real whole big picture. We start to understand the universe we live in, how things work, when we ask why things happen the way it does. Now try asking why do things not happen some other ways, then we will begin to appreciate that there are some immutable laws that define the framework of our existence. Then and maybe then we might get a glimpse of HIM, who made it all possible.

It Will Happen Again and Soon

The Christian Bible tells us that it happened before and it tells us that it will happen again, ‘soon’. The question is, how did I deduce that it is going to be ‘soon’?

The Christian Bible is not a chaotic compilation of books that doesn’t make sense. It is a very consistent and ordered book setting out all things relevant to the subject. It does not go out of topic nor wander off into unrelated areas. It is focused and precise. But it is nonetheless a somewhat coded book, but only coded so that proud and arrogant mind cannot grasp the truth and wisdom it holds. Nor can anyone with a personal self-expedient agenda or with preconceived notions and ideas. (If you so choose to in true sincerely want to understand the true message of the Christian Bible you can either read the book Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded*1 by this author, or even just the first two chapter of this book available for a limited time at ‘The Holy Bible Expounded’.)

It is not just a historical record but it is also advance news (prophecies) of events that are going to happen. Many of the prophecies had happened (had occurred or had already been fulfilled according to their appointed time for fulfillment) and quite a number of these are well documented by the historical records of men. Many are happening even right now, in our present time, unfolding right before those of us who have the eyes to see it. In this book I am laying out these events and those that are ‘soon’ going to occur so that when these become evident you should not be deceived and should not remain clueless as the events leading to the end of the world unfold.

Not Yet A Worldwide Conversion.

Before I proceed with the discussion of how this current world order or age is going to end, let me first state here that one of the greatest misconceptions in the world today is the so called Christian religion (what it is as understood by the far greater majority of mankind), the Christian religion (or faith and worship) from the Christian Bible not the religion that the whole world recognized as “Christian”.

When JESUS CHRIST came born as a man HE came to a relatively tiny region of a great big world; a very small country, just a vassal nation, that was ruled over by an overlord, Rome.

Except for the people living in that area no one else in the world knew about HIM not even the Roman Empire that has overlord rule over that land. No one in India knew, no one in China knew, no one in Australasia knew, no one in the Americas knew, no one in Europe knew, no one in South East Asia knew, and no one in Japan or Mongolia or Tahiti knew. The bulk of mankind living during HIS time didn't know anything about HIM at all throughout the whole time HE was there, throughout HIS whole life.

Consider before that time. When Moses went back to Egypt to free his people, the descendants of Biblical Patriarch Jacob, no nation outside of Egypt knew about him. When he led the Israelite in the wilderness forty years no one outside of that region knew about it.

Here is my point, if GOD has been indeed desperately trying to save a mankind, “fallen from grace”, from an “eternal hell-fire” as is the preposition of mainstream “Christianity” then HE certainly hasn’t been doing a good job. There have been great stretches of time and in vast areas of human population where HE had not bothered to send anyone to turn these people from their sins. HE had just concentrated on a tiny little nation (Israel) and later two tiny nations (Judah and Israel) when the Kingdom of Israel split into two kingdoms. These two ancient nations combined formed less than one percent of the total population of the world of that time.

The God of this mainstream “Christianity” (or or that matter of all the so called Abrahamic religions) has to be either quite an incapable God or an uncaring one to allow so much of mankind to perish without even making the tiniest of effort to “save” them.

Please read the discussion ‘Christianity – Know The Basics’ and ‘The So Called Abrahamic Religions – Know The Basics’ for the definitives on why the true Christianity is not a religion as the word religion is understood to mean by almost all of mankind, and why the so called Abrahamic religions in reality have to nothing at all to do with the faith and worship (or religion) of Abraham the Father of the Faithful of the Christian Holy Scriptures and are nothing more than fraudulent claims in order to make use of authority of the Scripture of Truth, the name of Abraham the Biblical Patriarch and the name and authority of the CREATOR GOD so that these religions would be able to deceive those who are gullible to obey and serve them in their lust to plunder and commit violent carnage, brutal savage tortures and murders.

If you really truly believe the Christian Bible (for those who claimed it as the basis of their faith), you got to realize that the whole preposition of this mainstream “Christianity” just does not agree with the Christian Holy Scriptures. If you have not realized this in your lifetime as a “Christian” until you read this article, you should hit yourself on the head (figuratively speaking). Because obviously you have been totally clueless about this Christian Bible, the so claimed basis for your faith and religion.

The GOD of the Christian Holy Scripture (if you believe the Christian Bible and understand it’s message) is just not right now reaching out to the bulk of mankind who had willfully cut themselves off from HIM four generations after Noah and his family came out from the Ark.

GOD had according to HIS ordained plan and purpose allowed man to go his own separate rebellious way forming his own political, social and religious system (Acts 14:16). The time is not yet here when GOD will reach out to all of mankind who had rejected HIM (Revelation 19:19; 20:7 – 9) and HIS Way from the very Garden of Eden. JESUS CHRIST did not reveal HIMSELF to the whole world living during HIS days as a SON of man but to just a tiny vassal nation in Judea and its immediate surroundings. Even the then overlord of the land, ancient Rome, did not know about HIM until many years after HIS death.

The context and scope of HIS messages had been and still is primary to HIS Elects first and then the nations that descended from Biblical Patriarch, Jacob. Even when CHRIST will directly rule over the nation of restored Israel during the soon coming millennium (thousand years) with Satan the Devil Spiritually bound from deceiving the nations, the scope of the Gospel message will still be focused on that nation and those few of the Elects (1 Peter 4:17) from the rest of the nations who will be selectively called (Revelation 20:7 – 9; 19:19). There is yet a time in the distant future (Revelation 20:11 – 13; 1 Peter 4:17) when all the rest of mankind will be called to repentance but it was not in the days of Noah or Abraham or David or JESUS as a SON of man or the Apostles or through the centuries or even today.

The true Christianity just like the two ancient Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, was not, has never been and is not a universal (global) religion, not yet, not until another over one thousand years just prior to and during the one hundred year period of the Great Judgment. Mankind rejected GOD’s rule over them from the very first family, Adam and Eve. And mankind had continued to do so throughout all the records of the Christian Bible’s history even during the time of the SON of GOD when HE walked on earth as a man (John 1:5, 10 - 11). And throughout the Apostolic time as the Scripture clearly recorded, the faithful Christians were the few and the faithless and disobedient were the many. If you will be truthfully objective you must realize that mankind today, yes even all of professed mainstream “Christianity” have continued on this path, the path of lust to do all the evil they can get away with, this is even if just momentarily so.

Consider that at the end of HIS three and half year ministry, on that day of Pentecost when the New Testament Church of GOD was founded, there were only just one hundred and twenty converted Christians from the thousands JESUS had healed and the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands who had heard HIS messages. Even of the some five hundred persons who were eye witnesses to JESUS being alive (i.e. resurrected after being dead for three days and three nights) before JESUS ascended to Heaven, only some one hundred and twenty actually obeyed HIM and were gathered together on that day of Pentecost as HE had commanded them.

JESUS in HIS three and a half years ministry as the MESSENGER and MEDIATOR of the New Covenant could have converted thousands or the tens to hundreds of thousands as were later added through the preaching of HIS Apostles (even though many of these would prove to false converts and even agents of the evil Adversary, Satan the Devil).

So why were there so few? Is it because the hand of GOD is too short that HE cannot save those disbelieving Jews? Is the hand of GOD too short that HE cannot save the bulk of mankind throughout the centuries or even today?

Understand this; the GOD of the Christian Bible is not a random ad hoc reactionary GOD. HE had everything ‘planned’ down to ‘the numbers of hair on the head of each and every of HIS Elects at anyall one time’ This just means that GOD knows everything that is happening and will happen at all times absolutely, even before those things are yet to happen. This incidentally is exactly what all knowing or omniscience means. All knowing does not and cannot mean choosing not to know, and only the incredulously stupid would swallow such a brazen, blatant lie of an all knowing GOD deliberately choosing to not know as the only possibility for mankind (as well as the Spirit Angels) to have freewill. Similarly, all powerful or omnipotence does not mean and cannot mean that GOD “has been watching helpless for thousand of years” while Satan the Devil ran havoc with the creation to so totally deceive all mankind to not believe in andor to disobey GOD such that GOD “needed the help from all” these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of all these so called Abrahamic religions, to use savagely brutal torture with threats of equal savagely brutal murder to force mankind to believe in GOD.

Everything is perfectly ordered, ordained from before the foundation of the earth, from before time (as we know it) began. Nothing goes awry or amiss. There is no 'oops' moment. The around hundred twenty disciples on that day of Pentecost (also called the Feast of Weeks and the Feast of First Fruits) were ten times the number of Apostles that JESUS CHRIST personally selected during HIS three and a half year ministry.

Not understanding this concept and the context of the Scriptures, the masters and disciples of mainstream "Christianity" believed erroneously, just as they do all the Scriptures, that GOD is reaching out and trying desperately to save all mankind today from an eternal hellfire.

GOD almost always start things small, ‘do not despise the day of small things’ (Zechariah 4:10). Mankind was started with one man and one woman. The current world of man was started from one family (Genesis 9:19), the family of Noah and the spouses of Noah's sons. And the LORD JESUS CHRIST started HIS one and only Church (the Church or Congregation of the Spiritually begotten Christians) of GOD with just one hundred and twenty disciples (Acts 1:15; 2:1 – 4; 1:4 – 5).

Though tens to hundreds of thousands might have been added during the Apostolic times, the bulk of those were false, fraudulent Christians as were clearly recorded in the Epistles and in the Gospel accounts, JESUS CHRIST clearly foretelling this (Matthew 7:22; 24:5; Mark 13:6; Luke 21:8).

Look at the world today. Do men (including all the people, nations and religious entities that professed Christianity) look like they have changed from their rebellious self-expedient way? Disobedient to andor distrusting of GOD is the first failure of mankind and also the same failure of the ancient nations of Israel and Judah in the Old Testament times. Throughout the record of the Christian Bible those who obeyed GOD are the few, never the many.

It is the same today when a great counterfeit Christianity teaches the doing away with or the changing of, the commandments of the CREATOR GOD to replaced all that GOD have commanded and ordained with their own twisted and invented commandments, celebrations and practices, teaching that the Words of GOD just cannot be believed, and therefore must be twisted (i.e. to say that it did not mean what it meant but meant something else), changed (modified in some ways to show that they are more supremely superior than GOD) or nullified (i.e. overruled) or invalidated (i.e. declaring them to be no longer applicable) taking the clear and plain records of the Holy Christian Scriptures and replaced them with totally different doctrines, commandments, practices and beliefs.

When was the first time man was taught that GOD just cannot be believed? Read Genesis 3 verse 4.

Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” 

GOD far from, desperately andor brutally through savage force of torture and threat of sadistic murders, seeking to save mankind against the cunning out maneuverings of Satan the Devil, is and has been patiently (for billions of earth years) working out the process HE had instituted to educate HIS intelligent creature personages on the lessons of lust and evil such those who willingly learn these lessons to then be determined to never take to the path of lusts and evil to get whatever they needed, wanted, desired and craved, shall inherit the immortality of forever that was GOD's intent and purpose for mankind when HE first created the first family in HIS image and likeness.

But of course not everyone having both freewill and intelligence necessarily wants to learn the truth and to do only what is right through always conducting themselves with love for all others. The testimony of the Christian Holy Scriptures testified to a near totality of mankind starting with the very first family, Adam and Eve, then through the Antediluvian Age until this very day, almost all (except for those very few whom GOD have called and have led through their lives) just fully bent on giving full expression to their lusts, to do all that their lusts drives them to do.

This is exactly as Adam and Eve chose not to believe GOD because of their lusts for a forbidden fruit. As this is also why mankind starting from the first family, Adam and Eve, almost all in entirety, has chosen to be driven by these same lusts that have seen the human social order from as far back as our historians have been records: of mankind, our intelligence and all our knowledge enlightenment not withstanding, carrying out all manner of atrocities and savage brutality against one another, neighbor against neighbor, tribes against tribes, nation against nation, religion against religion, parents against their own children, children against their own parents, siblings against siblings, all in a never ending cycle and spiral of violence and carnage until this very day.

And the only way when all these evils and lusts is going to end and a utopia of peace and well being among all the creature personages will prevail forever, is when GOD determined it and bring it to pass, as indeed GOD who is truly and completely all powerful and all knowing has already determined it (Revelation 21:10 – 27, 22:1 – 5, 6before time began and will bring it to pass (i.e. make it come true) at the exact appointed time. This is exactly what the Christian Holy Scriptures plainly recorded at the end of the last book of these Scriptures, the book of Revelation. As also the entirety of the Christian Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation had recorded how all these processes towards that end had been predetermined and ordained by GOD.

And the only reason all the so called Abrahamic religion do not (because they could not) teach this simple thing, of the process to make the creation perfect forever, has been because if these evil religions do or have done so then they, all the evil proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of these so called Abrahamic religions, would not have been able to get all their subscribers, followers and discipleship to totally do all that they command, of evils in savage brutal torture and murder so that these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives can rule supreme over their subjugated social order to feed on and feed off those who they can subjugate to carry out and express all their lusts to do all the evils against any and everyone, even their own followers, that they care to and can get away. But of course this is only when they feel sufficiently secure that they can get away with it whether they have been hiding under some rock (i.e. remote or hidden safe haven) or in some high majestic tower (i.e. when they are able to rule supreme in the confines of where they have achieved supremacy of rule from their derived power through all those who have either sold their souls to become complicit with them, or have been hoodwinked by lust and superstitious fears to worship them). This is because they, all these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives, are not stupid which also completely and thoroughly leave no room for any doubt whatsoever that they know full well that what they have been doing (in all that they advanced, expressed, commanded and had carried out) are explicit evils.

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